We value our patients' experience at Grand Teton Chiropractic, P.C.. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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"I had foot surgery 2 months ago and the pain in my feet and back were really getting bad. The walking boot I had to wear threw my body out of alignment. I over compensated my weight distribution to my left causing it to hurt too. These issues also beginning to wear me down. My friend and neighbor suggested chiropractic care with Dr. Gardner.Dr. Gardner asked me many questions that my own doctors had not asked. These questions lead me to ask my family doctor to order several tests. As a result, I had a problem that I would not have found out about until next year. It could have been really bad news by then. Dr. Gardner's care has helped me to feel better. I can now move more like my old self. I have begun to get more exercise in less pain, which has allowed me to lose weight and also sleep better at night. So far it has been 1 month of care and I believe that I can get back to the happy pain free person that I've not been in several years.-Anonymous I fell at work, injuring my back. I was initially treated with pain pills, muscle relaxants and light-duty. 2 weeks later, my back was worse, so the M.D. sent me for physical therapy. One week into physical therapy my pain had not improved. As a nurse, I use a holistic approach to my patient care. I just feel like the medications and even the physical therapy was just a band-aid approach to my back problem. Luckily, workman's compensation covered some visits to Dr. James Gardner, DC. Dr. Gardner and his staff took their time to attend to my every need. After my first treatment (which was extensive), I felt immediate release in the spine. I slept well that night without any medications. The next couple of days my body felt an ease that I hand not felt even before the injury. One thing that happened was an emotional release with unexpected tears after my initial treatment. I also was surprised with the results of the computerized bioscan results--because they correlated with my recent lab findings of low B-12 levels. Dr. Gardner's holistic approach in treating the source of my pain, instead of placing a band-aid over it, is just what I needed."
- Abbie Cook

"I first came in to one of Dr. Gardner's Dinner with the Doc presentations to learn about the harmful effects that ibuprofen has on our bodies. At this time I was taking 8-12 tablets a day for headaches, backaches, and general pain. I was also dealing with abdominal pain, bloating, and a lot of fatigue. I was able to receive a bioscan to see what parts of my body were being affected. The results were what I had suspected. I also received the stress response evaluation at my first appointment. Amazing results. Dr. Gardner was able to see my nervous system, how I breathe, and how my brain never shuts off. That would explain the constant headaches, the soreness in my shoulders/neck from not breathing correctly. Thru treatment with Dr. Gardner, I no longer take pain medication. When I feel pain, he was able to teach me other alternative medicines to use that are not harmful to my body. I have a lot more energy than ever before. I have 4 growing boys, a husband, work a full time job and own my own business. When I first came in, I didn't know if there was anything that could help my energy level. Thru the weekly adjustments I have been able to do what is needed on a daily basis plus more. I am thankful to Dr. Gardner and his wonderful staff for their knowledge and help. I am afraid to think where I would be today if I had not come to that Dinner with the Doc with a co-worker. Thank-you Laurie for referring me to Grand Teton Chiropractic."
- Andrea Chamberlain

"I experienced neck pain with headaches and lower back pain that has left me uncomfortable during exercising, running, sitting, and basic everyday functions. Three to four days a week I had headaches due to neck injuries from snowboarding and other activities. These headaches left me unhappy and irritable. With the lower back pain my hips felt out of place and I didn't like sitting and I shifted a lot as I sat. Furthermore, with the neck pain came a sandpaper grinding each time I moved my head. At times I also heard popping in my ears as I moved my head. There were times when my neck felt locked in place and very tender to move in the neck and upper shoulder muscles. All of this compounded and affected my quality of life. From the advice of a good friend (also a patient), after watching me struggle to turn my head and suffer from frequent headaches, I came to visit Dr. James Gardner. The first visit was informative and individual attention was spent first to get to know me and to focus on causes. Dr. Gardner focused on trouble spots and spent time instructing and helping me understand why I might have some of the symptoms. After the first visit my life was drastically affected in the positive. First, no more grinding with my ability to freely move my neck restored. I have not had a single headache since the first visit--honest! The realignment of my back and hips also had major positive effects on my walking, running, and other sport activities. I finally feel I will be able to go back to doing some of the things I love the most. This is significant and I can't thank you enough. Thanks Dr. Gardner!"
- Randall Lillie

"I have been seeing Dr. Gardner for years for back pain, but I just recently completed his stress response evaluation which showed some abnormal brainwave patterns. When Dr. Gardner inquired about my symptoms, I told him I do have a difficult time getting rest. He recommended doing some alpha-wave neurofeedback. Right before we started the neurofeedback, I had an episode with my back. I've had these episodes before, and they usually last 3-4 days, so I took 2 days off of work right off the bat. I came in the first day, got an adjustment and then did my alpha training, which Dr. Gardner explained is the healing frequency of the brain, and I was back on my feet. I played with my kids the next day instead of lying flat like I've had to do for days in the past. Since completing the treatment I've noticed less pain and more flexibility. I've also started dreaming again and having more restful sleep. The follow-up stress response evaluation showed a much more balanced brainwave pattern. It's great!"
- Levi Owen

"My daughter had been seeing Dr. Gardner and has told me how much better she felt, so I decided to give chiropractic treatments a chance to help me. I have had problems with lower back, knees, feet, tennis elbow(s), neck problems. You name it and I have had it. I was also recovering from breast cancer, chemo and radiation treatments, and had finished my last chemo treatment almost one year ago. I had been to many doctors over the last ten or so years about all the pain I was experiencing. All they did was prescribe pain medication and physical therapy all of which didn't help much. Dr. Gardner examined me and exclaimed "You're in really bad shape, and I can see why you're in pain." There wasn't a spot on my body that was properly aligned. So he went to work on me. I could tell immediately after the first visit that this was going to be the ticket to relieve my pain. So far I have had alignments and each time I am feeling better, and the alignment is staying in place longer. Keep in mind that I have been mis-aligned for a very long time. I have been able to do some moderate exercise and not be in massive pain afterwards. I have more energy and feel like doing more. Along with the alignments I have been doing the EB Pro Ionic Cellular Cleanse which also helps to hold the adjustments longer. Sometimes you just need to invest in yourself instead of others in order to keep yourself strong."
- Kathy Van Eps

"EB Pro Ionic Cellular Cleanse-- had seen this type of treatment at the Eastern Idaho State Fair and thought it was really cool. Of course, they were trying to sell their machines for $1500, but of course, only during the fair, otherwise $2400. When I started seeing Dr. Gardner for treatments, I asked him about this type of cleanse. He had not only heard about it, but he had one in the office (only his was a medical grade system, which costs more and was better than the one at the fair.) I immediately started treatments, two a week for the first 10, then backed off to once a week for the next 10. I was absolutely shocked at what was coming out of my body. Ugh!, it was really ugly the first few times. Lots of heavy metals which I'm sure most was from the chemo treatments for breast cancer and just every day life. Over the course of the treatments, not only has these treatments removed heavy metals, but has also removed yeast, cleansed my kidney's, liver, and joints. I know that I am getting a total body cleanse from the inside. You can tell by the color of the water and the color of the flicks. The only side effect I experienced was more energy which has lasted throughout the treatments. The benefits I have received from these treatments is a total body cleanse. You see many cleanses advertised that state they will cleanse just one part of your body. This treatment cleanses many parts of your body at the same time. It gets rid of the bad yeast which aids in digestion, heavy metals, which can cause multiple problems, and cleanses the liver and kidneys which are vital organs and need to be cleansed in order to function properly. Anyway, I am totally satisfied with this treatment and recommend it to everyone. I sure feel better!"
- Kathy

"I had back pain that made it impossible for me to walk upright and straight. Before I went to Dr. Gardner for help, I had tried a couple of other ways. All that resulted was a little relief and it didn't last long at all. My husband told me about Dr. Gardner and asked me to give him a try. The next time I was in such distress I was crying we went to Dr. G. In less than 15 min I was up, walking and no pain. I went back maybe 2 times when it would be necessary and I haven't had back pain at all since. He really knows the body and how to help. Dr. told me about a program to extract toxins from the body. He thought it would help me. Trusting Dr. G's word and knowledge and loving care, I did just that and what a wonderful help it is. I remained active in that program until we left on a trip. I've had wonderful results even after the first treatment. Also, you see and hear how we need vitamin and minerals that are lacking in our bodies-but how do we know which ones we need? Dr. Gardner has very easy testing to know which ones we as an individual need, and how much quantity we need. My husband and I have done this as another way to improve our health. I'm so very glad Dr. Gardner has chosen to practice his blessed skills in our area. There are so many he can help. Thank you Dr. G. for your loving care!"
- Barbara A. Johnston

"I can describe several instances where Dr. Gardner has made a difference in my life, but I will choose two dramatic ones. Last year my son, Chandler, called me from BYU-Idaho to say he couldn't move. He felt like all his muscles were frozen. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Gardner and left for Rexburg to pick him up. Since he's much larger than I, it was hard to get him into the car. Dr. Gardner knew exactly what the problem was and went to work. Within a few minutes, Chandler was able to move his neck and arms and the intense pain was subsiding. After a half hour, he was able to get up by himself and get into the car. After two subsequent visits, he was totally better.Since I play tennis and teach piano my hands and arms are extremely important to me. On a bitter January morning after playing tennis indoors without warming up, my shoulder hurt so badly I couldn't raise my arm to the piano. I went straight to Dr. Gardner. He manipulated my arm a bit and then rubbed some gel on it and began an ultrasound treatment. After two treatments I could play the piano again, and after three more I was back at tennis.I'm always grateful I can trust Dr. James Gardner to know what he is doing and help me without radical surgery or drugs or dangerous x-rays. He is very competent and so friendly, I have to smile when I see him, no matter how much pain I'm in."
-Launa N. Grigg

"I can't think of much worse than extreme low back pain. It impacts everything you do, or don't do because of the pain. That's where Dr. Gardner found me. I could barely walk the pain was so bad. My wife had to drive me into his office. I was a mess. Because of the severe swelling it took three fairly long session just to finally get my back to a position close to right and that I could tolerate. During those three visits and those that followed, Dr. Gardner was extremely patient. He took the time I needed to be comfortable with what he was doing and to explain how and why it was necessary. More gentle hands on such a tender back would be hard to imagine. But we slowly made progress with each visit. He told me what to expect and when I would probably need to see him again to continue to work on something that had taken years to get this bad. He gave me exercises to improve the strength in those weak muscles that were supposed to hold my spine. He has seen many folks like me and gave me hope that things would improve and taught me the milestones of the healing process to look for. Each step of the way he was right on. It took some time but I am better and more pain free now than I have been in twenty years. I never realized I hurt so bad, till I began to feel so good. I had been living with the pain for longer than even I realized. I still have to be careful, but I am gaining strength each day. And with what I call an occasional "tune up" the flare ups are fewer and further between and I'm doing most of the things I wasn't to do again and having fun doing them. If you have pain, don't wait like I did. Get in and start the road to a better life. I know I'm glad I did, and you'll be glad you did as well. Thanks for making my life sweet again!"
-Steven G. Gudmundson

"I have had back pain for years, but it was always tolerable until last month. Nothing unusual happened, except I had been running more than usual that week. On this particular day my lower back felt jammed and as the night wore on the pain became more and more intense until sharp pains started to shoot down my lower back, then down my right leg and calf and even down to my toes. Once this started I could no longer move and the pain was unexplainable. I had never experienced anything like that. This happened on a Friday night and luckily I had Dr. Gardner's phone number. He came right over and was easily able to determine what was wrong with my back. The best part was after only one treatment I was able to walk. Even though I was still in a lot of pain, the sharp shooting pain left and never returned thanks to Dr. Gardner. Honestly, my back hasn't felt this good in years. I was told by one doctor that my recovery would probably take 6 weeks, but it was actually only a week and a half before I felt completely better. My family is shocked to see how quickly I recovered. I am continuing my treatments with Dr. Gardner and I know that my back will by stronger than ever. For me the most unexpected benefit I have seen is how fast I went from laying flat on my back unable to move, to not only being able to move, but to actually have a better quality of life than even before my injury. Thank you Dr. Gardner! One other thing that really impressed me and also my family was how helpful Dr. Gardner was in getting me in to see another doctor and get an MRI. He already knew what was wrong with me but understood that peace of mind was really important to us as well. He really listened to my concerns and helped me the best way possible. Thanks again!"
-Kari Zwiegart

"Initially, chiropractic care was sought for headaches, neck pain, etc. Significant relief was the result and quality of life improved. Care provided by Dr. Gardner has been fantastic, always available to meet with, answers questions, and suggests alternatives regarding treatment options. Over time, other health complications have increased regarding thyroid, adrenal, and immunity. This led to chronic fatigue, weight gain, and mood changes. Dr. Gardner assisted with natural, homeopathic remedies which were determined by a hair analysis and kinesiology. As benefits I have increased energy, improved metabolism/digestion, and my moods are less up and down. I did not expect such a quick response--a big benefit as I have struggled with fatigue-related issues for a long-long-long time! I encourage everyone not feeling A+ to give alternative therapy a try to see what positive outcomes they will experience. Dr. Gardner is more than capable of meeting your needs. I am very satisfied with the exceptional level of care by him and his staff."
- Anonymous

"I first found Dr. Gardner nearly six years ago when my daughter was born. My neck and shoulders went stiff from constantly holding my baby. He helped me so much! There's nothing more painful than not being able to function as you normally do. My visits to his office are as needed. I go when I strain myself in the gym or sleep wrong. He always is able to get me into his office as soon as possible and fix the problem. He also offers suggestions for how I can take better care of myself, while having excellent personal skills with his patients. He is interested in helping me live a full life, as pain-free as possible. Late last year I really hurt myself. I can say I have never been in more pain. In my driveway, I turned around to reachinto the back seat of my car. I immediately felt my neck was injured. For the next several weeks, Dr. Gardner helped me day after day. One time during this I was crying as I drove to his office, holding my head with my hands because the pain was so intense. When he walked into the room, he was so sincere, and concerned. I knew that. He did everything possible, including some new treatment he had just learned, to repair my neck. I don't want this to come across wrong, but o me, he is a gifted healer. I strongly believe Dr. Gardner has, not only the medical or "book knowledge" but the intuitional abilities to know what our bodies need. He has the touch! I also have to say that his staff is always very friendly and helpful. I leave with a smile. I have sent friends and co-workers to him, and all of them have been glad for the referral of a good chiropractor. I feel confident that anyone I send to him, he can help. I hope more people will give Grand Teton Chiropractic and Dr. Gardner a try."
- Suzanne

"I started seeing Dr. Gardner after picking up a flier at the local health and wellness store. There were a few different areas that I was having some pain and discomfort. My shoulder was bothering me between my shoulder blades which was also causing some neck pain. I was experiencing an arthritis like aching in both thumbs and I had developed plantar fascitis in my left foot. I also have a degenerative disc in my back and had been seeing a different chiropractor in town for over 20 years. After several visits to my podiatrist for the plantar fascitis, a couple of cortisone shots and an expensive walking boot still with little relief I decided to give Dr. Gardner a try.I have been extremely pleased with the results from the care that I have received over the last six months with Dr. Gardner. My foot doesn't hurt at all. The pain in my shoulder is gone and my thumbs don't ache anymore.Thanks to the vitamins, Total Greens and Diatomaceous Earth that he prescribed my overall physical health has greatly improved and along with that so has my mental attitude. I was pretty grouchy everyday because something always hurt!I owe Dr. Gardner a big "Thank You!" He is an awesome person and is ALWAYS willing to take the time to get to the bottom of whatever is ailing you. I have recommended his services to other friends and family and will continue to do so!"
- Kirk

  • "I initiated chiropractic care in order to align my back during pregnancy. I was in a lot of pain and wanting relief. My back pain disappeared after treatment and I believe due to the chiropractic care I received. My delivery was easier! My first two deliveries were very hard, but my third (after chiropractic care) was very easy during the labor. This is my fourth pregnancy and I am back for the extra benefits!"
  • "I had chronic pain in my lower back. The pain greatly decreased and I made a great friend in Dr Gardner!"
    - Kevin Bake
  • "I came to Grand Teton because I could no longer handle the constant headaches and burning in my shoulder. I have known, from previous visits to a chiropractor, that my hips aren't always in. So being pregnant I figured I needed to get in and start getting some things fixed. Now, after coming to Dr. Gardner, I have had relief with my headaches and no longer fell the burning sensation in my shoulder when I sit in a chair for too long. Even though I am pregnant, I can still feel the relief in my lower back and do not constantly pop when I take a step."
    - Jessi Simmons
  • "I was experiencing a sharp pain in my hip that was prohibiting daily activity. After continued chiropractic care, my pain has gone away and I have less tension in my back and other areas. I can go about my day without pain and have resumed my normal exercise routine. The entire staff at Grand Teton Chiropractic is wonderful. From the pleasant front desk and billing specialists to the wonderful bedside manner of Dr. Gardner, my experience has been awesome. I have referred my family to the practice and they have also experienced great results. I will definitely continue my health journey at Grand Teton Chiropractic."
    -Bobbi Jo Long
  • "I used to wake up with middle back pain and had occasional pain in my chest. Now, I sleep better and have no pain in my chest or back because of the chiropractic care I've received."
    - Benjamin Chapin
  • "When I first came into Grand Teton my whole body was out of whack and I was in a lot of pain. Any kind of movement was difficult. Now after working my recovery plan, I can move freely without any pain and this makes my job and life easier. The supplements that were recommended have also been very helpful. Dr. Gardner has been giving me helpful advice on ways to help with a dry skin problem that I have had for a very long time. I appreciate the staff and all that Dr. Gardner has done to help improve my movement and overall health."
    -Delynn Shipley
  • "Coming into Dr. Gardner for the first time I had pain in my back, neck, frequent headaches, numbing, I was just a mess. Now after working through my treatment I can walk without stalling. I can walk up steps without any help. Dr Gardner is awesome. He is great with me, never hurts me. He laughs and jokes and I can say I've never trusted anyone as much as I do him. Just an overall great experience and I would recommend him to anyone who has problems with their back, joints, anything."
    -Tina Reese
  • "I was in a rear end accident which caused neck tightness and pain. Dr. Gardner assisted my recovery with a 3 month care plan. He's knowledgeable, compassionate, and skillful. A person can really tell he cares. Now after completing my care plan, I am back to my pre-accident condition and shape. Thanks for your great care and time spent on helping me."
    - Anonymous Personal Injury
  • "I am interested in a whole-body approach to my health. I feel that my monthly visits to Grand Teton Chiropractic benefit my health greatly. Dr. Gardner is the best. He is always happy and anxious to help. It is a joy to be his patient. Before I came to Grand Teton Chiropractic, I had frequent low-level back pain and some intense episodes. I decided a monthly visit would be benefiscial, even when I wasn't feeling any pain. Since that decision, I have never experinced pain. Dr. Gardner has alos helped me with dizziness, shin-splints and joint pain. The office staff is also exceptional. I always feel welcome."
    - Nancy Jenkins
  • "I started seeking chiropractic care in October 2013. I started at a different office and realized quickly they weren't going to be able to help me. I had persistent tingling all over my body and headaches. After just TWO treatments with Dr. Gardner my tingling was gone!"
    - C. Clarkson
  • "I've already been to several chiropractors in Idaho Falls. We are the most impressed with Dr. Gardner, DC"
    -G. Keller
  • "The quality of my treatment was great! Dr. Gardner even adjusted my ear! It gave me relief from pain that I had been having for over 9 months! Thank you!"
    - C.
  • "I have gone to a chiropractor occasionally for years. I never thought I needed to continue my care with them because I didn't think they had my best interests at heart. When I started with Dr. Gardner, I was an emotional wreck (even though I was on an anti-depressant), having constant pain in the backs of my legs and consistent headaches. On my first visit, I felt like he really cared and wanted to help. He listened and asked all the right questions to get me thinking about my health again. I began a program of regular visits, and I am feeling much better. I have been able to quit taking the anti-depressants, and the headaches and pain in my legs is gone. I plan to continue to see Dr. Gardner in order to maintain and improve my health."
  • "I initiated chiropractic care because of lower back pain, tennis elbow, and a stiff neck at times. I have received relief from the discomfort in my lower back and neck. I did not have to have surgery on my tennis elbow because of Grand Teton Chiropractic. They are always very helpful, and they can get me in for an appointment when I need-even with very short notice. I appreciate what they do."
    -Dale Olsen
  • "My family and I sought chiropractic care for various reasons including headaches and shoulder pain. My main reason was that my hips wouldn't stay in place due to all the years of dance I have done. My daughters, who suffered from chronic headaches, have no problems with them anymore. My husband had some interesting "neck issues" which have decreased a lot, and as for my hips, they are improving all the time. My shoulder tension-that I had ignored for years-has almost gone away completely. I even stand up straighter than I can ever remember. Overall, my entire family has done nothing but improve in overall health and well being. In fact, we have benefited so much from chiropractic care that we all come in once a week for adjustment and health care."
    -Heather Fisher
  • "I had low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and blurry vision. I now have no lower back pain or neck pain. I have no headaches. And my vision is clear. Thank-you!"
    -Kodi Egan
  • "I've had headaches and neck pain and difficulty overcoming symptoms due to displacement of vertebrae. I required chiropractic adjustments in order to regain overall health and well-being. A car accident resulted in significant whiplash which also was alleviated by treatment. I no longer struggle with headaches. I have freedom of movement in the neck area instead of stiffness. Additionally, I have used other services offered by Dr. Gardner and was able to identify deficiencies that were impacting my overall health. These services included the Hair Analysis and Bio-scan. I would highly recommend these two services if you are experiencing symptoms that cannot be explained or you just don't feel 100%. I am very pleased with the serviced I receive and the care provided by Dr. Gardner and his staff."
  • "Head injury- I walked into a pole- no neuro symptoms but just felt something (or alot of things) were not right. Walking got harder due to poor knees. Fatigue, just not wanting or willing to do the things I enjoyed. I also experienced shaking of my right leg and foot, something I hadn't had before. This all added to my "just not right". The benefits I received were outstanding- first few days after my first visit I noticed I was able to get up from a chair without holding on to something, going down stairs was easier. My mood was improved and my foot didn't shake as much. I wanted to go for walks and even started exercising. What did happen that was unexpected, but in thinking about it stood to reason- my face broke out and I developed mouth ulcers - Toxins were released and this was a good thing. I also noticed I stood straighter and my shoulders didn't slump- I feel younger and my old self. Thank you very much."
  • "I used to get headaches on a regular basis. Also, my hips and lower back would really get tight and sore, causing unpleasantness in my life. Since I started coming to Dr. G, I pretty much have eliminated the headaches. When I start getting the headaches back I know it's time to see Dr. G. Some of the unexpected benefits I have noticed are less stress after treatment, and I am able to breathe more easily. I now bring my wife in, and she loves the way the treatments help her out. I also have several children that play sports. When they have sore or distressed areas, I bring them to Dr. G., and he really helps them recover a lot quicker than if they didn't come. They love it. When they are stiff or have some injury, they always ask if I will take them to see Dr. G."
    -Lance Mortensen
  • "I was experiencing severe pain in my mid-back which was interfering with my activities and requiring daily pain medication to control. I was pleased to experience complete relief of my back pain without medication after seeing Dr. Gardner. I also learned about biofeedback programs which more fully improved my response to stress. I am grateful to have found a healthcare provider who has increased my awareness of alternatives to traditional medical interventions."
  • "I had dealt with severe head and shoulder pain for 30 years. After my arms started going numb, I went to Sanoviv where I was diagnosed with an injury from childhood. They advised chiropractic care. I had never been to a chiropractor previously. It has changed my life. I no longer have the neck pain, headaches, or numbness in my arms. Life is good! Thank-you Dr. Gardner! You have blessed my life!"
    -Melani Jacobson
  • "I have had a constant headache for over 3 weeks. When I say constant--I mean constant--24 hours a day. I have taken Ibuprofen and Tylenol, but they couldn't take the pain away. I came in for an appointment yesterday. Dr. Gardner put my neck back in place, and my headache went away immediately. I have been pain free all day! I also had a broken toe that has been causing me misery. Dr. Gardner popped it back in its socket--and I went running on it this morning."
    -Debi Nyborg
  • "I was in an auto accident where a semi-truck ran a stoplight and hit us in a Ford Escort. I received severe whiplash and tweaked my back in several spots. I have been coming to Dr. Gardner for about 8 years now. In that time, he has always made it easy for me to come in when I need. My schedule seems to always be hectic, and he has always been accommodating. I feel he knows me and my problem spots. I know he will always do a good job for me. I always notice that after and adjustment I stand up taller, sit straighter, and breathe easier, not to mention feel healthier. He is an integral part of my physical health. Thanks Doc!"
    -Steve Lasley
  • "I used to have constant pressure in my ears, and "weeping" ear drums. I went through several antibiotic treatments of various times and quantities. I would start to get better and then 3 or 4 weeks later the same issues would return resulting in more pains and more medications. The treatments received here have opened up my ears to the point that I can feel the pressure changes. The infections have gone completely. With the combined total treatment, sore muscles and aches have gone away as well. I'm feeling better and sleeping better."
    -Tyson Walker
  • "I had sprained my left foot, and the M.D. pretty much told me there wasn't anything that could be done for the pain. After living in pain for 3 weeks, I called Dr. Gardner. The pain in my foot is almost completely gone. I can go through the whole day without being slowed down by my foot. Dr. Gardner has also taught me many things that have helped me in other areas of my overall health."
  • "I initiated chiropractic care due to neck, back, and hip pain. Dr. Gardner helped me not only with my neck, back, and hip pain, but also offered valuable assistance and the supplements to be able to discontinue the use of hormone patches or pills. After approx 1 year, my body adjusted and I was able to lose the weight that I gained during the use of hormone replacement therapy. I had previously not had weight problems. I feel better, and after losing almost 18 lbs, I am returning to a healthier pre-hormone state. The weight loss was an exciting additional benefit. I had originally consulted Dr. Gardner for my neck, back and hip pain, which he has reduced to just an occasional problem requiring only maintenance visits, but he gave me so much more."
  • "I've had a popping and snapping knee from a fall on the ice at work. As I've been coming to Dr. Gardner, I've been able to keep moving and working. I have always benefited from chiropractic care."
    -Carrie Larsen
  • "I sought chiropractic care because I had severe knee pain. I had very tight tendons and it was very hard to bend my knees. I have also had problems with tension in my neck muscles causing headaches and neck pain. I experienced relief from my knee pain through chiropractic treatments. It was also amazing how quickly muscle tension and headaches disappeared with the muscle relaxation treatments and neck alignments from Dr. Gardner."
    -Carleen Judy
  • "I was coming in for some neck pain. On one of the visits I mentioned my ear had been plugged up for a few days. The doctor then adjusted my ear, which I had never heard of. My ear quickly cleared up. As a side effect, the ringing in my ear stopped. I have had the ringing for as long as I can remember, but since that adjustment it is completely gone!"
  • "I worked for Dr. Gardner. I was skeptical at first and I've had chiropractic care before but had not had happy results. After I did a treatment plan with Dr. Gardner I saw good results. My headaches and neck pain have improved, and when I got to wellness care I really felt better. My whole body treatments have been much better and helped in areas I didn't anticipate. I love the staff and when I do need chiropractic care this is the place I'll go."
    -Elisha Lenz
  • "I was in a lot of pain after bending over for a project. My pain was in the neck area. Now I have complete relief from the pain. I didn't realize that I'd need to come in as often at first, but I've become more educated and I've appreciated the things I've learned in this process. I really appreciate that Dr. Gardner cares about me and my family. He's so gentle with his care. Also, he's helped with so many other conditions that I didn't know he could help with like carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis.-Renee BodilyI was in a car accident and had lots of neck and back pain. My motion was severely restricted as well. I felt so much better, especially after the first treatment. I've brought my two kids in as well. One for soccer, and it has improved her level of play. Also, I brought in my other daughter who hurt her back in an accidental fall. She's doing great and has done well after just 2 treatments. The office staff is welcoming and friendly, and Dr. Gardner is awesome."
    -Becky Cole
  • "My back was so bad I would actually fall to the ground when a nerve in my back got pinched. I tried all kinds of solutions but until I came to Dr. Gardner, nothing seemed to help. Since I don't have the back pain I have been able to start working out again and have lost 90 lbs. What a difference--I'm enjoying life again!"
    -Brad Brady
  • "My back went out of place, so I decided to come in. He put my back back into place, set up a good schedule to keep it in place, and I haven't had any problems since."
    -Mark Wilson
  • "I was dealing with chronic pain due to arthritis in the spine and peripheral joints. I also was dealing with headaches. My pain management has improves along with my mobility. The staff has always been very kind and helpful. I am able to get in for an appointment whenever I need to. They are very accommodating."


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Gardner has been taking care of me for over 10 years! Back and neck problems are common in my profession. But with regular adjustments Dr. Gardner has kept me pain free. He has helped me immensely and he can help you too!"
    - Jared R
  • "Everyone who works here is so nice! Dr. Gardner is amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him. I’ve been seeing him due to lower back pain from pregnancy and I wasn’t even able to sleep before I started seeing him. He’ll fix you up for sure!"
    -Josey B
  • "Dr. Gardner is the best! He is Knowledgeable, compassionate and a whole lot of fun. He is all about healthy lifestyle and helping you achieve your goals. I have had neck problems for years. Making Dr. Gardner part of my health team was the best choice ever. I now can enjoy life without a screaming neck! Thanks Dr. Gardner!"