Innate Healing

One of the things I love best about chiropractic is the philosophy we embrace that our role as practitioners is to simply support the body as it heals itself. 

Think of it—if you cut your finger, you apply antibiotic ointment, you cover it with a bandage, you may even receive a stitch or two—but all of these things merely SUPPORT the healing that your body does all on its own.  All of the antibiotic ointment, bandages, and even stitches will never cause a piece of raw meat that has been cut to fuse back together.  Healing occurs because of the LIFE FORCE that is within us, and healing is promoted when our actions are in harmony with that innate power within. 

Chiropractic care supports the body's nervous system by aligning the skeletal structure so nerve impulses can travel freely.  Correct skeletal alignment also has a beneficial effect on the body's muscular system.  As the nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems of the body work together in greater balance and harmony, not only are pain, discomfort, and injury minimized, but general overall health is increased.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Gardner has been taking care of me for over 10 years! Back and neck problems are common in my profession. But with regular adjustments Dr. Gardner has kept me pain free. He has helped me immensely and he can help you too!"
    - Jared R
  • "Everyone who works here is so nice! Dr. Gardner is amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer him. I’ve been seeing him due to lower back pain from pregnancy and I wasn’t even able to sleep before I started seeing him. He’ll fix you up for sure!"
    -Josey B
  • "Dr. Gardner is the best! He is Knowledgeable, compassionate and a whole lot of fun. He is all about healthy lifestyle and helping you achieve your goals. I have had neck problems for years. Making Dr. Gardner part of my health team was the best choice ever. I now can enjoy life without a screaming neck! Thanks Dr. Gardner!"